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How to Setup Shower

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What makes a shower space ideal? Often people use the shower before they go to work. As fast in the shower and then the car into the work. It is important that the shower room is functional and efficient. Unlike a hurried shower, a shower room can also be used for relaxation. In the afternoon coming home after a long day at work and a great relaxing shower. The perfect water temperature with the ideal amount of water. Thanks to the many innovations in the field of plumbing are this possible for an affordable price! Finding the ideal shower room is, therefore, dependent on your daily requirement.

Setting up your shower area

You have to setup your shower area innumerable possibilities. Below you will find a number of opportunities to inspire the ideal shower room.

Shower cabin

Do you have a limited space in your bathroom and you want your shower area in the corner of your bathroom? Then a shower cabin is an ideal solution. The advantage of a shower cabin is that it is easy to place in your bathroom and that there is a huge assortment of shower cabins available with many options. Shower cubicles are available in different forms. For example, you can choose a quarter round, rectangular, square or pentagonal shower cabin. In addition, you have the option to choose from different formats.

The biggest advantage of a shower cabin remains that your choose for an all in one package and that you, therefore, don't need to worry about the loose parts that came with a shower. Compared to isolate shower enclosures shower cubicles better. This means that the heat when showering in the shower stall is being held. At shower enclosures, this is not the case because it is not a closed space. This makes heat not detained and it is while showering when colder.

Walk-in shower

At a walk-in shower is the big advantage that you have more flexibility in terms of size. This is in contrast to a shower stall, where you are stuck to a standardized format. A walk-in shower shall include at least a shower enclosure. In addition, you can opt for a shower tray on which the shower enclosures are mounted or you can walk-in shower places on a tile floor as it is fitted with a drain.

When choosing a shower tray, it is important that you let that shower trays available in a surface-mounted or recessed version. Also, have many shower enclosures adjustment ranges. This means that the size of the shower enclosure or shower door in width can be adjusted. This is useful if the space in which you want to place your walk-in shower just does not meet the requirements of the shower wall/door. Because a walk-in shower heat by holding late and not having heating in the bathroom a good solution to cold counter in and outside your walk-in shower. The advantage of a walk-in shower, however, is that the price of a one piece will be lower if you choose to place it yourself.

Corner Setup with shower curtain

The most inexpensive solution to a walk-in shower, one with a shower curtain. In doing so, you only need a shower rod and shower curtain on size to purchase and place it in your shower area. Do you already have a niche or corner Setup with shower curtain, but runs the water over to the rest of the bathroom? You can prevent a wet bathroom floor using a sill. This is a comic that is confirmed on the floor and make sure that the water when showering not overflows.

Innovation and luxury

Nowadays there are many innovations that add to the existing luxury shower room. You can think of for example a rain shower, shower panel multiple modes. A rain shower is perhaps no innovative product but certainly, adds luxury to your shower area. The rain shower is ideal for people who are after a long stressful day unwind while showering. The difference between a rain shower and hand shower is that a rain shower many times greater. This keeps the whole body during the shower under water and you will not suffer from cold body parts while showering.

Shower panel

To really enjoy a shower is a shower panel indispensable. A shower panel is a panel that hangs on the wall in the shower and is equipped with a number of nozzles at different heights. These nozzles provide a pleasant radiation of water over the whole body. So you also have the ability to body sprays in various corners of your shower too so the nozzles of different directions spraying. The temperature and pressure of the beam can be adjusted with a button just like a faucet.

Hand shower with multiple modes

Also, a hand shower can improve the shower experience. Nowadays has a hand shower often up to 5 different. This includes a full Jet, massage Jet, bubble jet, or a combination of different positions. The advantage of a hand shower with multiple modes is that you already has one at an affordable price and that thanks to the different positions you can always count on a refreshing shower.

Bathroom accessories

Once you have selected your ideal shower area and this one has posted is missing only one thing in your shower room, shower accessories. The purpose of shower accessories is that everything is at your fingertips while showering.

SOAP dispenser

A SOAP dispenser has many advantages over a hand SOAP. The most obvious benefits include a SOAP dispenser that prevents bacteria are transferred and a SOAP dispenser that contributes to a clean bathroom. You can fill a SOAP dispenser with a means to desire. Refilling a dispenser is quick and easy. In addition, a SOAP dispenser easy to clean. Another great advantage is that a SOAP dispenser ensures that the SOAP long shelf life. If you choose a SOAP dispenser for in your shower area, you have the option to hang on the wall by means of an often supplied bracket or you can lose it on a rack. This saves space on your shelf and you know exactly where the SOAP.


If you choose the shower stall or walk-in shower in the corner is a corner shelf indispensable. The reason of this is that you will not run while showering. You can choose from, for example, a single corner shelf or a corner shelf with multiple layers so that your all your shampoos and similar to this. Planchettes can be found at Sanitairwinkel of high quality and of different materials including STAINLESS STEEL, chrome, and glass. There are many shelves available water to penetrate giving you this but at least need to maintain.

Glass wiper

Because a shower cubicle or shower enclosure glass almost always is, is to maintain this very easy. A glass wiper keeps your shower walls not only clean and radiant but also reduces the chance of lime scale which makes the shower enclosure last longer. If, after reading this article have any questions about setting up your shower area, you can always contact one of our specialists.

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